Online Review Management
In today’s world of super information, perception is everything! If you do not know how customers and the market is perceiving your brand, you are navigating in the dark without instruments.As partner of Reputation Aegis we will give you access to the technology that will do most of the job for you. Through our unique system you will be able to automatically monitor what people say about your brand on the Internet. If you have bad or no reviews, we will help you build a positive reputation. If you have a good image, we will promote itOnce a member of our network, we will:
  • Assess your current online reputation
  • Set up an online reputation strategy
  • Improve your online review ratings
  • Set up a shield for your brand to reduce the risk of a reputation crisis
  • Monitor what customers say about your company on the entire internet
  • Quickly identify bad reviews so that you are able to respond to them
  • Organize and manage your customer intelligence data to learn from it
  • Promote your positive reviews to generate trust and additional business
Customer Experience Enhancement
We believe that Customer Service is not exclusive to just that department. It's a mindset and responsibility that applies to the entire organization. True success comes from always putting the customers first.Great customer service is not a miracle! You need a customer oriented mindset from top to bottom. That includes well engineered processes, a trained and empowered team, solid measurement/feedback system, constant learning from the market with a balance between generating profit and amazing customers.Hire us as consultants and we will:
  • Evaluate your existing Customer Service (CS) Situation and obtain a clear insight
  • Perform a consistency check between your CS strategy and customer perception
  • Assess your team’s morale and CS mindset
  • Measure your customer satisfaction index
  • Draft a solid customer service strategy
  • Prepare an action plan with a focus on implementation
  • Reengineer your customer service processes
  • Identify the moments of truth, where you will be able to surprise your customer
  • Define a training plan and follow up and coach your team
  • Drive your whole organization towards customer service excellence